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In 2018, a group of ragtag film professionals joined together with a common vision. To create visually compelling works of art, driven by the emotional depth of their narrative stories. These persons' continuous need for expression was constantly resulting in them putting their thoughts, opinions and experiences on screen and the consequences were inevitable. Out of this, a new production company was formed. A company that attempts to cover most of the areas of filmmaking, including film production, music videos, commercials and live events coverage. A company that engages in both passions projects, as well as offering its crew services.


This is ACES Pictures!

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Christos Doulgerakis

Christos Doulgerakis is a filmmaker and screenwriter coming from Athens, Greece. He studied in Berlin, Germany and has worked in both feature and short film, commercial and music video productions in Greece, Sweden and Germany. He has directed 6 short films and 3 experimental travel documentaries. Christos has a never ending thirst for more experiences, as he's always willing to improve his skills in order to fit his favorite engagement: Filmmaking!

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Leonardo Greco

Born and raised in Catania, Italy; Interest: Filmmaking! That's Leonardo, a young filmmaker currently based in Berlin, Germany. Active in every aspect of filmmaking he is constantly working on different sets and in different crew positions. Thanks to that, he is always ready to challenge himself with new and ambitious projects.  

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Rodrigo v. Senger

Having traveled the world and lived in cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, Rodrigo v. Senger studied the art of making movies in Berlin, Germany. The Swiss filmmaker has directed 3 short films, one mockumentary and several music videos as well as live concerts. Passionate about his craft, he never says no to challenges and opportunities for new and exciting projects.